Remote Monitoring

Imagine, your perishable and perhaps delicate produce has been packed into a secure, environmentally-controlled, container. This has been now been despatched to the informative speech essay location where it is required. What do you do now? Well, as far as that container is concerned, you must just sit back and wait.

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Sitting back and waiting, though, can be a very worrying process. The quantity of goods which can be packed into a container is significant, and may have a very high monetary value. Also, this consignment, like every consignment, carries with it your organisationai??i??s reputation for good service and delivery.

What you need is peace of mind; a fully-featured electronic monitoring system can provide this. What is required is a mechanism which keeps tabs on the internal temperature of the container and its physical integrity, and reports any problems to an external system. This is exactly what Spacewise offers as an optional extra.

When transporting or storing high value, perishable goods, remote monitoring is often essential. Spacewise provides this as an option on all its refrigerated container products.

Temperature and security metoclopramide no prescription. information is gathered by a detector fitted within the container itself. This telemetry information is sent, via the tried and tested, GPRS mobile phone network, to a monitoring system which is an integral part of the Spacewise IT platform.

What all this means, in practical terms, is that the moment anything unexpected or problematic occurs in relation to your consignment, Spacewise will be able to inform you of its occurrence, via the internet or other means. Should you wish to be pro-active and check on the integrity of your shipment at any time, Spacewise provide the ability to do this as well.

In other words, you do not have to just wait and see; if you choose a Spacewise refrigerated container, you can actively monitor the progress and integrity of your produce, at all times. You donai??i??t, necessarily, have to just sit back and wait, but in any case, if you do just this; then, you can rest assured that Spacewise will inform you if there is anything with which you need to concern. As a consequence, of course, your time can be spent doing much more useful things than worrying about the well-being of goods in transit.

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